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Refugee Blues

Documentary poem – 2016

Stephan Bookas & Tristan Daws

Inspired by W.H. Auden’s work, Refugee Blues is a documentary poem from the jungle in Calais.

Fairytale of the Three Bears

Short documentary – 2013

From Russia’s northern tundra to the lakes of Eastern Siberia, three men share their fairytale of Soviet times.

“A poignant reflection on how eras gone by can fade from memory while myths endure.”

Aeon Magazine

The day we danced on the Moon

Short documentary – 2010

On Ireland’s rugged West Coast, a reggae band from London make their way to play in an arts festival. Long-term mental health sufferers, they share their tales of psychosis, the wrestling between reality and an imaginary world which can seem all too real.

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